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The structure represents our latest design for a 10' x 20' covered auxiliary space. Whether used as a carport or any other equipment storage space, the structure is designed as a pre-manufactured kit that can be shipped and easily installed on site. The joinery technique consists of stainless steel straps and screws that facilitate the building process and allow for modern design. The main building elements are six pre-manufactured posts and four truss-beams. The structure is laterally reinforced by pre-bent bamboo braces that connect the main elements. The design allows for easy modifications, including wall surfaces, division walls and a variety of sizes and spatial layouts.


Completed in February of 2011 this is a practical solution to a covering for your car to keep the rain and sun off. 10 ft by 19 ft keeps this under the 200 square foot level that requires a permit in Maui County. Prices will vary depending on site conditions and finishing details, contact us for a quote.


The carport is a 20′ x 20′ plan and made from our own Maui-grown bamboo poles. The structure uses a stainless steel strap as a fastener and is designed as a pre-fabricated kit that can be shipped and easily installed on site. The joinery technique was inspired by the traditional 'passing joint' and lashing method, but modernized by the use of a metal strap to provide a stronger and longer lasting connection. The design can be modified to serve for a variety of auxiliary kit structures used for sport and farming equipment, outdoor space covers, storages etc.


With the legislation allowing commercial farming operations to build up to 1000sq ft of non-residential building, this structure is 24 wide by 30 long and can house 4 compact cars or two flat bed one-ton trucks. Erected in March of 2014.


The building uses a triple pier foundation that is composed of one vertical and two angled columns to provide more lateral stability. The individual elements were pre-fabricated at WWB and assembled on site in 2 days.





Built to extend the garage of the Whispering Winds Bamboo farm shop, this extension flows perfectly with the previously existing structure and can now house one of our bigger farm vehicles. 


To save on cost of materials we used plastic corrugated roofing. Perfect for keeping tools out of the elements. 

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