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Ola Honua can mean "life giving earth" and is a place, a project and a community whose purpose is to cultivate a deep respect and commitment to the care and regeneration of the land.

Grown from the seed of an individual and sustained by the commitment of an entire community, Ola Honua started as a restoration effort and has evolved into a broader, more sustainable project. The scope of this restoration effort will take generations to complete.

We do this in several ways:


Connections to the Land: We are a sustainable forestry project that is planting, harvesting and selling bamboo and high-quality hardwoods. We respect long-held traditions and incorporate new approaches into a local business compatible with Kipahulu's rural lifestyle.

  • We are pioneering bamboo farming as a viable agricultural alternative.

  • We plant and manage our crops based on the highest organic standards and natural growing cycles.

  • We are restoring the natural diversity that provides multiple resources for the community and supports a healthier ecosystem.

  • We are managing all aspects of our project with a long-term perspective for the benefit of present and future generations.

  • We are respecting the traditions of the ahupua'a by providing traditional access to members of the Kipahulu community.

  • We are committed to restoring land to an intact vibrant ecosystem with high biotic diversity.


Connections to the Community: We work in partnership with the community to help sustain their needs and aspirations. All of our actions are done with respect for the people and lifestyle of the Kipahulu community.

  • We provide jobs with fair wages and benefits that value the contributions of workers and allow them to contribute back to the community.

  • We are providing access to affordable housing and home ownership so that people can develop strong roots essential to a stable community.

  • We are creating resources that stimulate the local community's commitment to develop economic alternatives to tourism.

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