Welcome to the new Whispering Winds Bamboo Cooperative site. A lot has changed since the launching of our first web site in 2003. As a result of the Ola Honua mission, we the employees have bought the bamboo business from the owners and are now a bonafide employee-owned cooperative.

Our 20 acre bamboo plantation is now the source for Hawai'i's most sustainable building material: bamboo timber poles. After six relatively short years we are selling timber in 1 to 4 inch diameter sizes of various high-quality species, including the gorgeous black bamboos that maintain their dark color even after curing. Our timber poles are available for purchase on Maui at Kula Hardware & Nursery, and world-wide directly from our farm.

Our native restoration and exotic tropical timber plantings are also growing and maturing at astounding rates and we are even beginning to thin stands resulting in a small inventory of hardwood poles for sale.

We have expanded our plant nursery, where we cultivate 12 species of bamboo, to include dozens of tropical and exotic fruiting and flowering trees for sale. Click here for species list and call (808) 248-7561 for prices and current sales. Our staff will gladly answer questions or advise plant selection.

Our ever-evolving apprenticeship program now offers an opportunity for aspiring farmers to work and learn with us as we farm the land and continue the project. We have been farming biodynamically since 2003 and are certified organic by Stellar Certification Services.

There are many ways to stay connected even from far away. Follow our blog for the latest news from the farm. Sign up for our newsletter, The Bamboo Column for nursery and bamboo timber specials, beautiful photos of the project, recipes using sustainable food ingredients grown on the land, and farming information.